Henry Avery And his Fleet

When I say the greatest treasure, I mean it. And not only it is the greatest treasure of all time but also it is missing. HOWZ THAT?? Answer- Greatest Pirate Of All Time. Read this short blog and save yourself from boredom.

You may be wondering about this strange blog in medium but nevertheless this blog may bring some excitement and change to your monotonous life.

The below article is of 1 min reading time

Check out my full article below. Default medium style is boring for this topic.

The Link to the exciting article is here: https://greatesttreasureofalltime.blogspot.com

Go check it out now and add some excitement to your life. Peace out:>)

When businesses gave up….. :(

These are extraordinarily difficult times for our nation and the world. People are gripped with the fear of disease and death from COVID-19. This fear is ubiquitous and transcends geography, religion and class. The inability of nations to control the spread of the novel coronavirus and the lack of a…

My personal thoughts and assessments on public speaking was never a job for me until I read ‘My Mind Went Blank’, from Richard Wright’s Black Boy.

Black Boy by Richard Wright

I thought public speaking was a inherent and indigenous quality imbibed in all of us from birth. I was wrong :0

But Will Durant

The country of India implemented a nation wise lock-down from 25 March 2020 and now after one and half months , is facial a social and fiscal conundrum in its decision making abilities.

Social Conundrum

The repercussions of withdrawing a national lock-down have many effects on social and health spheres of the…

Hi! I am an undergrad student and i am 19 years old. Like many other people, I have spent a major part of my life in the same city since i was born-Bhubaneswar. It is the capital of Odisha , a state of India.But something strange has happened in the…

Anwesh Padhi

An ever-curious soul with a passion for everything untried and unpaved.

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