How To Speak On The Stage!!!-Public Speaking

Black Boy by Richard Wright

I thought that life is too short to care for any other person’s opinion about me. I have to start speaking. But it is easy said than done, Believe me!!!

So asked around everywhere on how to develop speaking skills. It was my mom that suggested me to start reading out loud all the articles and contents that I read everyday. It gave me some skills but that was not all.

debate competitions

When Martin Luther King Junior addressed his audience. he never fumbled.

English is neither my native language, nor my mother-tongue. So I did one thing that strangely my English teacher suggested in my school. Watch English movies(the genre you like) without subtitles.This helped me a lot. I also followed work of Martin Luther King Jr. for speaking skills.

Whatever happens with your content do not break the flow . The audience does not know your part of the message. So improvise if necessary.




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Anwesh Padhi

Anwesh Padhi


An ever-curious soul with a passion for everything untried and unpaved.