Anwesh Padhi
2 min readMay 7, 2020


The country of India implemented a nation wise lock-down from 25 March 2020 and now after one and half months , is facial a social and fiscal conundrum in its decision making abilities.

Social Conundrum

The repercussions of withdrawing a national lock-down have many effects on social and health spheres of the nation.

As one can see , the number of cumulative cases have risen till date and have no visualization of being sluggish let alone decrease. The state cannot hope to remove lock-down because then the situation would really turn into a national catastrophe.

one cannot be dumb to advocate freedom by removing lock-down as the graph speaks for itself.

if it were so to happen that the government allows people to re-populate the streets and markets then the deaths rate in India can easily replicate the scene in united states.

Financial Conundrum

Indian economy is facing a disaster. The longer the lock-down continues,the longer the economy gets hit hard, very hard. the stimulus package by the Indian government is a paltry 0.1% of the national gdp aimed at provideing relief to MSMES.(Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).

The government is facing a challenge to manage the fiscal deficit, the large amount of loans fro different international organisations and run all the government organisations including all the universities, railways airports etc and their staffs.

Providing a more funds to revive the economy will put the government in to trouble.

Result of the confusion

unclear future results in loss in stock markets, inflation, unemployment, rent control abuse, reduced foreign direct investments,….. and the list goes on. The unemployment hit to the migrant labor workers have resulted in a humanitarian crisis in the country. In the absence of a social security mechanism it the country, the workers are largely dependent on their personal savings and the free food provided by different state governments their own respective states.

Thus the fate of the country and the world is now strictly dependent on one factor-the discovery and production of the vaccine. Rest all efforts are small encouragements to people to keep patience till the elixir of life is discovered.



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